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"Here is just a select few of the testimonials that I have gotten over the years about my Allatoona Fishing Guide service , community service, volunteer work and seminars through emails and off the various fishing message forums throughout the Lake Allatoona Fishing community."


"Triton" Mike Bucca
Lake Allatoona's Spot Country Guide Service

Allatoona Largemouth Bass 9lbs

"Mike , I would like to Thank You once again for the great day .I can see why now you are such a great fisherman. I learned so many things in those few hours about swimbaits not to mention seeing your new swimbait "The Hampton shad." Mr Bucca you are without a doubt one of the best swimbait fisherman on Allatoona and also I might add you are a credit to the habitat on Allatoona as well as always taking steps to improve our great lake. If you are looking to fish for big largemouths or spots on Allatoona I would highly recommend booking Mike Bucca`s Guide Service."

Ronnie Callahan Holly Springs,Ga

"I always enjoy the trips that I take with Mike out on Allatoona. He constantly amazes me on how he consistantly finds the most active fish on the lake. I know at times I have felt like things weren't going well at the beginning of a trip but by the end of the trip he has never failed in finding them and getting them to bite. It's funny that you can spend all week on a lake by yourself trying to come up with a pattern and find absolutely nothing, but when I book Mike he always seems to find those concentrations of fish that literally just want to jump in the boat. I would highly reccommend Mike Bucca to teach anyone how to become a better fisherman on Allatoona."

Bob Parks, Acworth, GA

"Mike Bucca has done several seminars for my bass club, The Big Shanty Bassmasters and has gone out of his way to help me personally and our club members. His instruction on new tactics is very helpful and his way of commuincating it makes it very easy to learn."

Danny Perdue Kennesaw, Ga.
Big Shanty Bassmasters

"Mike is a story on contradictions...he can't make up his mind! It's either throw a swimbait or use a drop shot. Mike goes from one extreme to the other, but you know what, "He'll teach you how to catch fish either way"!!! Mike is a great fisherman and even a better person! Any chance you have to spend some time with him on the water will be well spent."

Bob Slaton, Marietta, GA
American Sweetwater Bass Club

"If you want to learn how to catch the biggest fish in the lake or just to catch numbers book "Triton" Mike Bucca. I booked a trip with him earlier this year to learn how to fish those big swimbaits and he certainly made a believer out of me"

Bob Buckner, aka basbuc on www.allatoonabass.com
Marietta, GA

"Being addicted to spotted bass fishing I soon found out that I needed to learn more about how to catch them. Because I was born and raised in Acworth, Ga, I knew that Allatoona was as tough as it gets. I went out with Mike at Spot Country Guide Service, and not only did I meet one of the more pleasurable people that I have encountered in sometime, but I got a bonus. I learned more about catching spotted bass in one day with Mike than I had In the last two years. And yes, we did catch fish, my best was a 3 ˝ spot. The techniques that he showed me are still producing today. I go out with Mike each year for a primer. I learn something every time I’m with him."

Ron Clark Blairsville, Ga

"I would like to start by first saying thanks to Mike at Spot Country Guide Service for sharing with me some of his vast knowledge in bass fishing. I have taken multiple trips with Mike and he has helped me expanded my understanding on how bass naturally act in the different seasons as well as different techniques for finding and catching them. I started fishing at the end of the summer in 2007 and I feel that because of the time I have spent fishing with Mike I have the confidence to go out a catch fish every outing. Mike has taught me how to use a baitcaster, how to tie knots, how to effectively cast into a certain spot, how to use my electronics, pattern fishing, migration patterns and countless fishing techniques. Mike truly has a passion for teaching and it shows. I have never had a question that Mike would not answer either by email or through his informative online forum. Mike you truly are a class act and I thoroughly enjoy learning from you both on the water and on your Allatoona Bass message forum. I look forward to fishing with you again in the future."

Chris Welchel, Marietta, GA aka Acebarker on Allatoonabass.com message forum

“Mike, thank you for you help and hospitality, getting me settled into the fishing scene out here. I enjoy talking swimbaits with you and getting a feel for how you catch fish on them. Looking forward to getting out on the water again with you, and exploring the swimbait bite more.

Matt Peters, Roswell, GA

"We go out fun fishing from time to time and share many tactics, I still think I have learned more from you then you have from me by far! When you showed me the swimbait bite for the first time I was like huh that thing catches fish lol, well you turned me into a swimbait head lol. I also think I'm in 4th place overall in the Monday night tourneys right now (but wont hold it lol) because of that swimbait bite. By the way the Hampton Shad rocks love the action on that bait, I think the action is a lot better then the triple trout, its gonna be a big hit!! you da man!!"

Kevin Kelly, Canton, GA

"If you want the big fish specialist on Lake Allatoona look no further than Triton Mike. The proof is in the giant fish pictures on the front page of his website. Mike has more and bigger bass to his credit in recent years on Allatoona such a short time than anyone else that I know of. He has done a outstanding job in teaching me alot of the secrets to catching the "kicker" fish that live in Allatoona. Mike, thanks for the tip of "Your gonna need a bigger net" LOL.

Bill Linn, Adairsville, GA aka Toonafisher on Allatoonabass.com message forum

Triton Mike is the man!! I learned how to chunk those big ol' swimbaits and catch big fish on them. I have won a lot of money on the stuff he has taught me. Also hooked me up with some good people in the fishing business. Thanks Mike you have taught me a lot.

Brad Rutherford, Two-time winner Georgia State BASS Federation Nation Champion aka lakehartwellpro on Allatoonabass.com message forum

I have been out several times with Mike Bucca owner of Spot Country Guide Service on Lake Allaoona and I have learned a ton. I would recommend his services to anyone at any level. He has his own unique style that is extremely fun and exciting as well as educational. He focuses on seasonal patterns and is very good at what he does.

Steve Welchel, Marietta, GA aka Plough on Allatoonabass.com message forum

I am a weekend angler and I have been fishing Lake Allatoona since the mid 80's. I booked a trip because I wanted to catch one of those huge fish he has been catching on those swimbaits. At first, I personally thought swimbaits was something that was reserved for fishing out West. Since taking that trip with Mike I have caught more and bigger fish due to what he has taught me about fishing those HUGE swimbaits. By the way, he has a reputation for not being a finesse fisherman, but I can attest to you that he is no slouch in finesse fishing either! I have learned more in one trip with Mike Bucca than I have in the past 10 years combined. Thanks Mike for opening my eyes to see the forest for the trees!

Bill Rodener, Canton, GA

Triton Mike Bucca is the MAN!! He took me straight out on the lake and in the first couple of minutes, I hooked into a healthy Allatoona spot that was in the 2lb range. It was like that all day long until he took me back to the ramp. I can't say enough about the guy and he most certainly is a class act. Not only is he a great guide on the lake but he is a true statesman in the community by donating his time and efforts on habitat projects on the lake as well as holding seminars to teach us folks the tricks of the trade. He is a major asset to the community and I'm proud that he is our only local bass fishing guide.

Craig Baker, Acworth, GA aka Cardnut on Allatoonabass.com

I have a been a big fan of Mike's knowledge for quite some time. I have followed him from his postings on the Bass Fishing Homepage for years and also through his outdoor writings in the Yamamoto Inside Line magazine. I finally had a business trip in the area and I booked a trip with Mike. Not only did I catch my biggest spotted bass of 4.5lbs with Mike, but I also learned alot during our trip. Mike's fishing style is very unique and it is amazing how well he can read patterns and reproduce it on other areas of the lake. While I have only taken one trip with Mike I would certainly not hesitate reccomending him as a guide to anyone that is looking for some bass fishing in the Atlanta, Georgia area near Lake Allatoona.

Bill Gibson, Columbia, SC

After many years of fishing Lake Allatoona, my partner and I decided that we needed some professional help. We had no idea how good our choice of Mike Bucca at Spot Country Guide Service would prove to be. Not only was he a great guy to spend the day on the boat with, his knowledge kept us in awe. We were able to verify some of our tactics, as well as add new ones to our arsenal. The treat of the day for me was learning how to use a baitcaster, a talent which had eluded me for almost nine years! From learning the drop shot to understanding what our electronics were telling us, we learned more in one day with Mike than we had in 8 years of fishing Lake Allatoona on our own. Thanks again Mike.

Eric Campbell, Woodstock, GA

Mike Bucca's instruction has improved my fishing tremendously. The tactics I have learned from him in fishing deepwater for spotted bass has also improved my fishing for other species like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and walleye. It is well worth the time to book a trip with him or attend one of his seminars.

Dale Zaborowski, Kennesaw, GA

I have taken several trips with Mike and thoroughly enjoyed each one. He is very dedicated to having his clients have a great day on the water. His sonar skills are unsurpassed and add much to the trip. Looking forward to our next trip.

Allen Stanley, Kennesaw, GA

A buddy and I had been fishing for quite a few years on Lake Allatoona, with only moderate success. We knew we needed some help so we hired Mike Bucca's Spot Country Guide Service. Our goal was learn some new techniques, and we were not disappointed. We learned everything from electronics to drop shot to casting without bird nests to reading the lake, the list goes on and on. I was very impressed with everything he knew about fishing and how willing he was to hand that over to us. His help just doesn't end, a definite must hire for a spotted bass guide.

Jeff Blose, Cartersville, GA

Went out with Bucca yesterday and had a great day. We concentrated on spoon and sonar mostly but had some on top and the senko in the a.m. This was my first time out with Mike and I got to say he is probably the most informative guide out there. Gained a ton of confidence. Thanks Mike can't wait till the next one.

Dustin Ray, Ball Ground, GA

To Book a Trip or for more information visit www.TritonMike.com or email me at mbucca@comcast.net

To add your comments to this testimonial page email me at mbucca@comcast.net

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